Rafflo ®Live! 
Petroleum Pipeline Hydraulics Simulation

Rafflo ®Live!  is a cloud-based application for simulation of pipeline hydraulics. It is an ideal tool in planning, design and studies of pipeline network capacities and flow regimes as encountered in oil and gas fields.

  • Single and multi-phase, one-segment and network simulations
  • Calculate inlet pressure, outlet pressure, inside diameter, or flow rate in one-segment pipelines.
  • Looping of pipeline segment in calculating inlet pressures.
  • Computes velocity, liquid holdup, Baker parameters and determines Baker's flow regime
  • Choice of multiphase flow correlations dependent on regime:
    • Ovid Baker
    • A.E. Dukler et al
    • H.D. Beggs and J.P. Brill
    • R.W. Lockhart and R.C. Martinelli
    • B.A. Eaton et al
    • Orin Flanigan
    • R.V. Olieman
  • Fluid-gathering pipeline systems up to 1 million nodes. Fluid properties from sources can all be different.
  • Liquid grid systems networks that allow liquid input and draw-off (e.g. to an oil refinery) from the network
  • Gas grid systems - networks that allow gas input and draw-off (e.g. to gas consumers) from the network.
  • User-definable active nodes in form of pump, compressor and other devices
  • Dynamic determination of emulsification index and hence emulsion viscosity.
  • Choice of Imperial, SI or Engineering units
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