RafTime ®
On-line Personnel Time Accounting

An on-line time-writing application for for organisations providing services to multiple clients on project basis, where time spent on clients' projects is the basis for compensation.

  • Capture time spent by each personnel on each project within a time period
  • Report time spent on each project by all assigned personnel - even with associated costs
  • Generate summary report for entire organisation showing time utilisation by each personnel
  • Have reports displayed on screen and printed in high-quality PDF files
  • Workflow sends report to project leader or staff supervisor for review and approval of each record
  • Export reports to spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Produce great-looking charts of time allocation across multiple projects
  • Generate client invoices for personnel time, supported with detailed time records
  • Let personnel be able to log activities anywhere they have internet access and a web browser
  • User-friendly screens with large buttons - great for tablet devices and smartphones

Free 1-month trial

Don't just take our word for it. We offer your organisation a free 1-month trial of RafTime. You simply register, free of charge (no credit card required), and a 5-user account will be automatically created for your organisation. You can then create up to 4 other users and you start to use it right away! If after 30 days you decide you don't want RafTime, you need not do anything. Your organisation's account and all associated user records will be deleted 7 days after the trial period. If however you wish to continue to use RafTime you must pay the subscrption fee not later than 5 days after the trial period.
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RafTime is offerred as a service, meaning:
  • No need to install any software!
  • No corporate server to maintain!
  • Updates are instantly available!
  • Just register and you're in business!

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