Effective and affordable professional tools and services in engineering, technology and project delivery for the upstream oil and gas industry

Our Products and Services

A cloud-based application for personnel time-accounting, for consulting firms and service departments in multi-unit organisations

  • Capture time spent by each personnel on each project within a time period
  • Report time spent on each project by all assigned personnel - even with associated costs
  • Have reports displayed on screen and printed in high-quality PDF files
  • Produce great-looking charts of time allocation across multiple projects
  • Generate client invoices for personnel time, supported with detailed time records
  • Personnel can log activities wherever they have internet access and a browser - even from smartphones!

A cloud-based application for simulation of pipeline hydraulics. It is an ideal tool in planning, design and studies of pipeline network capacities and flow regimes as encountered in oil and gas fields.

  • Single and multi-phase, one-segment and network simulations
  • Calculate inlet pressure, outlet pressure, inside diameter, or flow rate in one-segment pipelines.
  • Looping of pipeline segment in calculating inlet pressures.
  • Computes velocity, liquid holdup, Baker parameters and determines Baker's flow regime
  • Choice of multiphase flow correlations dependent on regime

An Android app-based system for managing access into and out of a restricted FACILITY such as a residential estate or business premises.

  • It provides an audit trail of access into the premises as FACILITY MEMBERS hosting VISITORS can be readily identified, with the names of their visitors, and whether those visitors are still within or have left the premises

Board-Level Project Steering
We support senior management of corporations in providing strategic guidance as they oversee major projects. We assist in carrying out project Health Checks and support project risk management.

Competency Management
Development and implementation of competency management framework to support individual, team and corporate competency development. This includes competency definitions and statutory compliance.
We also conduct seminars on specific subjects related to the upstream oil and gas engineering and project delivery. Current available courses are:
  • Opportunity Realisation (From idea to value)
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Flow Assurance and Pipeline Design

Business Process Optimisation
We assist organisations in re-engineering of business processes with a view to dramatic performance improvement. This is often in the context of implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool such as SAP.
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